If you’re wondering whether Americans can travel to Cuba, the answer is yes but not without a host of restrictions. Since the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba was restored in December 2014, Americans have been able to travel to Cuba under 12 categories of authorized trips. The Obama administration recently loosened sanctions, allowing Americans to travel to the country independently, as long as they complete a form declaring the visit an educational journey.

Cuba tourism is still technically outlawed, so if you want to book solo travel opting for an educational visit, you’ll need to plan a people-to-people trip, where you meet Cuban citizens in normal daily life settings, such as schools and community centers. This is where Havana Creative comes in. Let us help you plan your solo, group, or corporate excursion.

Currency (Bills only, no coins) from your Country of origin. We recommend $100.00 Bills when possible.

Keep in mind there are very few ATM’s in Cuba.

You will need your PASSPORT to perform transactions with your Credit Card.

Canadian Debit Cards will not work in Cuba. UK ones with the Visa / MasterCard symbol will as long as the issuing bank has no connection with the US.

Parallel Currencies CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos) and the CUP (Cuban Peso) 1 CUC = 24 CUP . You are unlikely to come across, or need, the CUP if you are staying at a resort hotel.

All of Cuba runs on 110 volts and 60 hz. The outlets are for flat prongs.

Bottled water.

Temperatures in Cuba are mild to hot. Bring layers for evenings and be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes and a light windbreaker (water-proof if possible).
The long and the short of it – yes…but service is inconsistent and expensive. Expect to pay as much as $3.00/minute to call the United States.
Certain hotels and cafes do have internet access, but it’s considerably slower than most people are used to and can also be expensive.